Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bud Vase

The lavender bushes in my yard are blooming like crazy!
I thought it would be really nice to bring some in the house and realized that I don't own a bud vase! How is that possible???

So..... I went searching in my cabinets and came across this old Jergens lotion bottle.
I really like the shape but, not too crazy about Jergens being written across the front!

Mod Podge, scrapbooking paper, & raffia to the rescue!!

Super simple! Right?

It was just what I needed to add a little splash of color in my kitchen.

I think it would also be fabulous in the bathroom next to the tub with some candles and bubbles!

Ahhhhhhhhh! Don't you feel relaxed just looking at it?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Centerpiece

Since Spring has arrived I thought it was a good time to create a new centerpiece for my Dinning room table. I found these beautiful Tulips at Fresh & Easy and thought they would be great for a POP of color. I love yellow flowers!!

I grabbed a plain terra cotta pot from the garage and painted some fun polka dots on it to make it a little more Spring-ish/Spring-y???

I have also been working on THIS wreath that I found HERE and thought it would be really cute with the pot sitting in the center!

When it's time to change out my centerpiece I'll just throw a cute little bow on and hang that baby on the wall!

Viola!! A cute little touch of Spring and some fun Pops of color!

How about another look at those Tulips???...

Love it!! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Needs A Bread Machine.....

When you have a Crock Pot??!!

I found THIS recipe HERE and knew I had to try it out!
The only difference with mine was that I added a few drops of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Let me tell you......
This is the yummiest Banana Bread!!

Super moist!!!

Give it a try!
You know you want a slice! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cute Little Recipe Box

Why not store your recipes in style??
A little scrapbooking paper and Mod Podge goes a long way..

And maybe a little Distressing Ink too...
And... since Burlap is all the rage right now...
Why not add a little Burlap flower to top it all off??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Camera Strap Slipcover

I've been wanting to order a camera strap slipcover off Etsy for a long time now. I decided to try and make one myself and see what happens.
It didn't turn out too bad but, I think I want to play around with them a little more before I do a tutorial. My biggest problem was trying to figure out how to take a picture of it since it is connected to the camera. Silly me.... I didn't think to take pictures before I put it on!
(Wow! Is it just me or do those stripes make me look prego!!?? I am NOT by the way.)

I used two different fabrics. One is a cute floral print and the other is a soft minky dot.
( really don't want to iron over the minky dots because then you are just left with minky...No Dots!! Ooooops!)

Well, that is about as good as the pictures are going to get. Now I'll just act like a big dork..