Monday, April 19, 2010

Train Cake

My sweet baby boy turned 3 today!!
I can't believe it!!
He absolutely adores trains
and asked me to make him a train cake.
We decided to try and celebrate yesterday.

Here are a few pics:

Shortly after lighting this bad boy up.......

And blowing out the candles......

My little man started throwing up :(
(no, not from the cake!!)

He ended up catching the yucky stomach bug that I had on Thursday & Friday.
Poor guy! :(
Not a fun way to celebrate your birthday.
He's napping now and I am just praying that he will wake up feeling all better.

Until next time....
Have a Blessed Day!!


  1. Its truly beautiful!! Totally unique and wonderful! Well done!!


  2. Your cake is adorable! Well done Mommy :). So sorry your little guy wasn't able to enjoy it on his big day. Hope he's feeling better!