Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Projects!!!

Project #1

Life has been a bit crazy lately but, I have been able to squeeze in a few projects here and there. I've been seeing these beautiful wreaths made out of book pages and sheet music and have fallen in love with them!! I had to make one!! I used THIS tutorial as my guide.

Here is mine:

I decided to add a touch of burlap and a star fish in the center.

I used Distress Ink to add a few years to the pages.

I have a ton of coral that my parents have picked up for me on their trips to Cambria. I love how this piece looks next to the wreath:

I was also inspired to make a little something to go along with my wreath but, it's not quite ready to be revealed! :)

Project #2

This past weekend I had a Baby Shower to go to for my friend Michelle. She is due to have a sweet baby boy in just a few weeks now. I asked her if she would like me to make her some LETTERS for Hudson's room and she said, "Yes! Please."

Here they are:

I love making these!!

I think the O was my favorite!

I threw them all in this cute reusable bag that I picked up from Jo-ann Crafts:

Project #3

When we make trips up to Morro Bay we always stop by this amazing little SHOP that carries the best reed diffusers that I have ever found!! Eventually they run dry and I hate to throw them away. So I decided to try and salvage them.

Here is how they look when I buy them from the store:

Here is what I came up with:

For this first one I added a piece of green SBP to the back with some Mod Podge.
I just painted a small layer on one side of the glass and placed the SBP with the right side facing the glass so it would show through the other side. Does that make sense? I also added a few small shells and some new oil. I had some green reeds that I dug out of some old potpourri and decided to throw them in with the plain reeds for some extra color.
Not too Shabby!!

You can see the SBP a little better in this shot:

For the second one I used a different bottle that I had laying around.

I tied a little raffia around the top....

And threw in some sea glass and a few small white shells.

Recycled Reed Diffusers! :)

In case you are wondering....
I didn't make my own oil (though that is on my list of things that I want to explore with). I purchased the oil from Lemongrass Spa. I am a rep for the company and love, love, love all of their products. I don't really do parties anymore but, have a few loyal customers that I place orders for. Check them out! You can also purchase the diffusers already made up! Their oil lasts a lot longer than others found in the stores.

Well.... That's it for today!

Until next time....

Have a Blessed day!!


  1. Oh my gosh Ashley...are you so talented! (to say the least!) I'm amazed by all your projects! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love the letters and the cute little bag you put them in!

  3. Hi Ashley

    I wanted to give you a Sunshine Award for your blog - check out mine for details: